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6 - 18 Aug 2019

Gillie Spargo

Evocative paintings in various media, alongside delicate drawings that capture the glories of British seascapes and the vibrancy of nature.

Exhibiting with Nick Wotton

20 Aug - 1 Sep 2019

Nicky Browne and Tessa Charles

New original linocut prints - large, medium and small!  And drawings, cards and minibooks, on interesting local themes.

3-15 Sep 2019

Beyond the Sea

Beverley Waller and Jiffy Sandison

Colour, texture and light:  contemporary paintings, collage, prints and ceramics.

17-29 Sep 2019

2-Way Art

Maureen Farr and Celia Lewis

2-Way Art:  acrylic in strong colours - still-life, landscape and abstract work.

1-13 Oct 2019

Liz Bernard and Geoff Thiel

Liz's mixed media and acrylic paintings, rich in texture with vibrant colours.  Alongside Geoff's colourful, crystaline porcelain and raku smoke-fired pieces.

15-27 Oct 2019

Hildegarde Reid

Impressionistic and vibrant still-lifes, landscapes and abstractions in oils, acrylics and watercolours, largely influenced by Scottish Colourists.

29 Oct - 10 Nov 2019

Andrew Blyth and Jill Storey

Both artists are inspired by light, shade and shimmering water.  Subjects in mixed media include atmospheric landscapes, seascapes and architecture, home and abroad.

12-24 Nov 2019

Jennie Ing and Timothy Sutton

Linocut prints focusing on London and the local area - iconic buildings and favourite views.  With portrait paintings by Timothy Sutton.

26 Nov - 8 Dec 2019

Anniversary Show

Join us for an exciting exhibition of outstanding paintings, prints, ceramics and textiles Fountain Gallery artists to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

10-24 Dec 2019

Louise Kois and Patricia Clements

An exhibition by Louise Kois, together with Patricia Clements of vibrant London cityscapes, pastel still lifes and gentle local watercolours.

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