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5 - 17 Mar 2019

Hard Edge : Soft Curve

Crispin Holder and Tracey Thornton

Abstract geometric paintings produced to the finest detail of tone and colour on complex compositional forms.  


19 - 31 Mar 2019

Fragile Matters

Elaine Coles, JoJo Rowley and Claudia Stendel

Two potters, Elaine Coles and JoJo Rowley, showing work alongside each other.  It will be an interesting combination of styles.  Claudia Stendel’s mixed media work will be adorning the walls.


2 - 14 Apr 2019

Marielle Schram

The rhythm of my feet is in my hands

The rhythm of my feet is in my hands; solo exhibition.  Paintings prints and collages.

16 - 28 Apr 2019

Linda Walsh

Vividly coloured textile pieces interpreting gardens and landscapes in excitingly rich textures, plus Sue Roche’s fabulous photographs.

Exhibiting with Sue Roche

29 Apr - 12 May 2019

Yulia Robinson & Caroline Sayer


A vibrant interior aesthetic created with new paintings and patterned fabric, as well as cushions, jewellery and other gorgeous objects.

14 - 26 May 2019

Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky

Paintings in her distinctive style of vibrant colours, distorted perspectives with a dream-like quality, and urgent topical narrative.

28 May - 9 Jun 2019

In the beginning

Fernando Velazquez

Ethereal sea and landscapes exploring light - a selection of expressive oil paintings that evoke a contemporary Turner.

11 - 23 Jun 2019

Nataliya Zozulya

Large scale, rich in colour and texture, intriguing figurative canvases exploring communication in the digital era.  Unique assembled compartment paintings from Peter Swann.

 Exhibiting with Peter Swann

25 Jun - 7 Jul 2019

Ann Marie Whaley

The exhibition is a celebration of the 'hand made', the slow evolution of images and object.  Paintings by Ann Marie Whaley and Nigel Moores; ceramics by Simon Taylor.

  Exhibiting with Nigel Moores and Simon Taylor

9 - 21 Jul 2019



Gill Banks, Caroline Benge, Shireen Brickell, Mary Brodrick, Sue Crook, Ticia Lever, Jane O’Brien, Julia Straiton.

HapticArt continues to enjoy experimenting with colour, texture and pattern through textiles and mixed media.

23 Jul - 4 Aug 2019

John Walsom ROI 2019

Paintings by an associate of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, and member of the Wapping Group of Artists.

6 - 18 Aug 2019

Gillie Spargo

Evocative paintings in various media, alongside delicate drawings that capture the glories of British seascapes and the vibrancy of nature.

Exhibiting with Nick Wotton

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