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 Hampton Court


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Andrew’s work is concerned with creating a dynamic balance between factual elements of his subjects and a free flowing and spontaneous rendering filled with light and atmosphere. He believes that watercolour can be a highly expressive medium ideal for creating subtle and unified compositions. It is also capable of great depth and tonal range.

 Andrew trained as an architect and landscape aritect which equipped him with invaluable experience in the art  of drawing and design. He is otherwise self-taught as an artist and has devoted himself entirely to painting since 1996.

One man shows:  1999- 2011 annual exhibitions at the Fountain gallery; 2003-2008 Sussex Open studios; 2006-2008 Coastal Currents open studios.  

Group Shows:  The Mall Gallery, London, Robert Phillips Gallery, Walton on Thames; The Staples Gallery, Twickenham; Rye Society Of Artists, Rye Art Gallery, The Artist Magazine annual exhibition ( twice prize winner)

Andrew Blyth

01797 223920