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Christine Savage's degree in, and love of, graphic design vividly shows in her work as a professional jewellery designer and maker.  

Over the years Christine's work has developed, and her collections grown, in a way much like the inspirations for her designs, organically.  Selecting unusual cuts and colours of precious and semi-precious stones, imaginatively combined with silver and various colours of gold, Christine builds layers of texture and colour that beautifully and atmospherically echo their inspirations. These combinations of subtle colours and flowing shapes make her jewellery eye catching and distinctive.

Originally trained as a graphic designer , Christine left her career in that profession to study and train in jewellery designing and making .

Christine exhibits at most of the foremost craft and jewellery shows in the south of England , among them Goldsmiths ' Fair , Art in Action and many of the prestigious Craft in Focus shows .

Christine Savage

07966 550936