Hampton Court, London

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August Exhibitions

4 - 16 August 2015

Cain Caser

Cain’s work takes the modernist focus on form and colour and presents it within the narrative of the face. But these are not faces that sit serenely on the wall, they are neon-bright, multi layered embodiments of complex personality that will draw you back over and over again.

Cain’s work first gained media attention at the Other Art Fair in 2011. This was followed by showings at top London galleries including Scream in Mayfair, Rove in Hoxton Square and Soho based Rook and Raven.  He has also worked on a number of collaborative projects including a limited range of prints with the John Lewis Partnership and a snowboard design with Seattle based Ride.

The artist lives and works near Hampton Court and sells most of his paintings to a growing following of private collectors so this is a rare opportunity to view and purchase his work.

18 - 30 August 2015

Frances Jordan, Henriette Van Der Does and Marion Deacon

Nature's Essence

Three artists come together each inspired to search for the essence of the natural world.   Frances creates powerful, enigmatic, abstract interpretations, Marion presents us with explorative, modern and colourful Landscapes and Henriette’s sculpture searches for movement (air), fluidity (water), substance (earth) and expression (fire). Together they manage to present us with - and convince us of - the multi-faceted essence of nature.